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The NAR is spreading across evangelicalism like a tsunami wave and many are being taken in by its current. Though hard to define at times, the NAR has distinct theological characteristics. Moreover, it is a movement that is capturing the hearts and minds of young evangelicals and many unchurched youth. Yet, what separates the NAR from other seeker friendly trends in evangelicalism is its core belief that a Third Wave of the Spirit has given to the church modern day apostles and prophets to lead and guide the church. Standing on this foundation is the charismatic mania that defines NAR and its many leaders and followers. From claims of healing, prophecies, to glory clouds and God speaking personally to its leaders and followers, the NAR is an attractive appeal to younger generations who see traditional Christianity as cold and dead. Why should you be aware of the NAR? What is the NAR? What do they believe? What do they teach?
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Holy Spirit , music , new apostolic reformation , spiritual gifts , worship. The effectiveness and popularity of the music provides an occasion to examine the method and metrics by which we will assess the art.
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Is My Church Under the Influence of the New Apostolic Reformation?

Deviant teachings are quick to permeate sound doctrine. Furthermore, church leaders often refuse to acknowledge their ties to the NAR. NAR theology can infiltrate a church in different ways, for example through books that the church read together or studied in small groups, or through guest speakers who align with the doctrine. It is important to mention that a particular church may display all of the criteria, or only a few in the first stages. Frequent mentions are made of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is of course a biblical truth. When Christians will have conquered the world, Christ will finally come back to be crowned. The bottom line is that Christians will conquer before Christ comes again. Most trainings, including books and Sozo sessions, come at a cost and lead people to spend less time in the Word of God. The Bible tends to be absent from church services.

Be Watchful

The movement largely consists of churches nominally or formerly associated with Pentecostal denominations and Charismatic movements but have diverged from traditional Pentecostal and Charismatic theology in that it advocates for the restoration of the lost offices of church governance, namely the offices of prophet and apostle. The New Apostolic Reformation is a title originally used by C. Peter Wagner to describe a movement within Pentecostal and charismatic churches. The title New Apostolic Reformation is descriptive of a theological movement and is not an organization and therefore does not have formal membership. Among those in the movement that inspired the title NAR, there is a wide range of variance on specific beliefs. Those within the movement hold to their denominational interpretations of the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit within each believer. Unlike some parts of Protestant Christianity, these include the direct revelation of Christ to each believer, prophecy , and the performance of miracles such as healing. This movement has also been given the descriptive title " Third Wave of the Holy Spirit ". Although the movement regards the church as the true body of saved believers, as does most of evangelical Protestantism, it differs from the broader Protestant tradition in its view on the nature of church leadership, specifically the doctrine of Five-Fold Ministry , which is based upon a non-traditional interpretation of Ephesians the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors also referred to as the shepherds and the teachers. Wagner has listed the differences between the NAR and other Protestant denominations as follows [1] these differences stated directly below also diverge from traditional Pentecostalism.

If you thought apostles and prophets only lived way back in Bible times and have long since disappeared, think again. Contemporary people calling themselves apostles and prophets have many followers. They are vigorously active in churches in the United States and throughout the world. Odds are, some are active in your own community. And they offer people a choice. If you submit to their leadership, then you too will work mighty miracles. And if you actively oppose the apostles and prophets, then brace yourself for the fallout.

In the United States, it began taking off in the s and s, when prophets and apostles starting showing up in churches. Today, about 3 million people in the United States attend churches that openly embrace NAR apostles and prophets. Or they use a new, wildly popular NAR Bible, called The Passion Translation , produced by the apostle Brian Simmons, who claims that Christ visited him personally and commissioned him to release this new translation.

NAR leaders call their new movement apostolic because they claim to be restoring apostles and prophets to the church. And they call it a reformation because they say it will completely change the way church is done — and its effects will be greater than the 16th-century Protestant Reformation. In fact, they may not even know they are part of a movement at all. And they may not be fully aware of all the extreme teachings associated with it.

But they certainly know of — and follow the teachings of — men and women who believe they are apostles and prophets similar to the apostles of Christ and the Old Testament prophets. Used by permission of Weaver, www. Bret Theis January 9, at PM. Definitely going to read this book. I've worried about this movement for quite a while and have personally witnessed some of its devastating effects.

Bad trees, indeed, produce bad fruit. Ryan King January 16, at AM. Thank you for this information. This sounds like another damaging belief system to mainstream Christianity and not biblically based. Pastor keen July 6, at PM. Don't be a part of it. Dean Agnor January 7, at PM. Culturally speaking, very few people who acknowledge the present office of "apostle" think of it as an equivalency of the original When it comes down to it, the overwrought reactionary response amounts to nothing more than a jihad against an active, present Holy Spirit and a defense of status-quo boundaries protecting a luke-warm church.

Beth Cavete April 11, at PM. Dean Agnor, throw me your worst fear, slander, and ugliest representation, and I'll match it with personal witness of the horrors from within this movement. The realities are so much worse than anyone fears. The real question is, why is the warning only being sounded from such a small and unpopulated corner? Why hasn't the trumpet been sounded to alert the church from every corner? Eager to read this book. But why so much confusion in Christianity? Their major aim is well observed than told.

Jaeson November 23, at PM. As someone who was involved in this atrocity for about 10 years, and whose relatives still partake of it's dastardly falsehood, I can concur with this article in it's entirety. Moreover from personal experience I can attest that this movement is entirely false and horrible. There is blatant disregard for God and disrespect for the Holy spirit. Instead you get false prophecies, false signs, false supposed "wonders" and no teaching. Their "pastors" give nothing more than personal experience stories and no Biblical teaching.

As a result I've seen everything from porn addicted ordained people, members having sex outside marriage, and dozens of deceived people wanting power. It is horrible, disturbing, and produces Biblical illiteracy and foolishness.

It is a cult. If you question their false prophets or false apostles you are considered a less than, a non chosen. They want to take over culture and put themselves in charge of a grotesque antichrist theocracy. I heard them preach this from the pulpit. Please run if your church is involved in this. E December 10, at PM. My family and I were involved in this type of church for several years before we finally got out. We were instructed to lie at times to protect the leaders, and were lied to many times ourselves.

Instead of discipleship and proper Christian counseling, the church heavily pushed a program called Restoring the Foundations for members in crisis or church staff who questioned the pastors. The scary thing is that we thought it was just a contemporary non-denominational church embracing modern church models.

Instead it was a full-blown NAR establishment that slowly introduced its true doctrinal alignments. To this day there are many people there who have no idea that the church believes in five-fold apostles and prophets.

I could go on and on. We made a terrible mistake and it took years to get out. When my husband tried to resign his position there, he was told that bad things would probably happen to his marriage and family because he was leaving to spend more time with us. They tried to send him to the Restoring the Foundations program to fix him. He was told that he did not follow Matthew 18 properly to confront the pastor.

After we left, we found out my husband was just the latest in a long line of abused staff at that church who all keep silent and aloof after the smear campaigns.

NAR churches are full of these types of pastors. They simply facilitate and indoctrinate, never do they preach the true Bible. Alicia C March 1, at PM. I was raised in a pentecostal church and experienced some of what we might call "charasmania". A lot of what this article describes definitely sounds cultish.

However, here's the thing: anytime there's a move of God there are frauds who try to knowingly or not take advantage of the situation. But there IS a genuine move of God happening around the world. I've seen people healed by God of drug addictions, diseases, broken bones put back together, even the dead raised. The funny thing is, it was almost never in a big crowd. It was in a smaller group with prayer. The genuine move of God is so incredibly personal and powerful and is accompanied by genuine life change.

My church has an exuberant worship style because we have seen and are seeing God's life-changing power daily. And it's not just my non-denominational charasmatic church. People are accepting Christ in large numbers in my small city in many churches- reformed, baptist, free methodist, and they're being baptized. They want the world to know! This is the move of God we should be celebrating because God is changing this generation.

I preferred the audio version. Kandy C March 6, at AM. Alicia, if you read the article, you would have read that Rick Joyner is a prophet in this movement. This 'genuine' move of God that is happening through this movement is not of God. They are being deceived into thinking it's God and at being set up to receive the Antichrist and turn against real Christians who are exposing this.

It is very powerful and demonic but greater is He that is in me! If the miraculous is the focus it's not of God. I see it all around me as Bethel is only a couple of hours from here and it's influence is taking over churches.

These people aren't getting saved to Jesus, they are getting saved into doctrines of demons constantly seeking 'encounters' and miracles. It's all about feeling and experience. There us a spirit called kundalini that they are experiencing and it's a Hindu spirit.

Once that happens they can't get enough. They go all over to conferences and concerts constantly seeking this false holy spirit experience. It's like a drug. And then they go out into the streets laying hands on people imparting this same demonic spirit into them.

They don't give them the gospel, they give them the 'encounter'. Lourens March 10, at PM. In church history, it s very clear who the "Anti Christ" is : Paul did almost all his outreaches in the New Testament in the area then called "Asia Minor".

In , it was captured the Ottoman Turks and today the country is known as "Turkey"! Turkey - is today NOT a Christian country anymore. It today follows the teachings of the False prophet "Muhammed" that created the religion "Islam" and wrote a book that quotes doctrines of demons and denies that Jesus is God s Son.

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