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In the good old days of Vine , one of the most popular clips was that of what appears to be a kid holding up a machete. The looping effect of Vines made it impossible to stop watching it, but the origin of the clip was largely a mystery. Fast-forward to a post-Vine , a world where short videos of two small boys doing decidedly grown-up things like smoking cigars, pranking adults, and successfully wooing a number of women with their boisterous, high-pitched voices began to pick up in popularity on Twitter. Like the Vine that preceded them, the origin of these videos has remained obscure. But for those well versed in movies from the Nigerian film industry, a. Ikedieze is also the crying guy from the Vine. She loved the movies so much that she decided to create an account to post snippets from them, as a form of homage to the actors. Iheme and Ikedieze have a vast selection of movies where they act as brothers or exuberant buddies. One of the most popular memes is this scene from the movie Stubborn Flies. In this particular scene — which has now been viewed by millions of Twitter users — Iheme is sitting in a chair with a book in his hand, trying to make sense of everything going on around him.
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All of these pictures are free and if you click on a picture you will see a code, with this code you can place the animation on your own website, blog or space. Ha ha ha, don't write that. I made many of these gifs and you will only get them here. Send this birthday cake Gif with this beautiful name to your friends and relatives. I love you both for different reasons. Design basic 2D and 3D assets. Believe us a birthday person will definitely like your greetings! When I am with you sis I never miss any other You are loving as friends and caring as the mother Happy Birthday. Everyone's birthday is always a very special day for them, you can make their birthday more special with creating birthday name pictures. Happy 13 th birthday dear nephew!!
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The GIF frequently appears on Twitter used to show approval of a tweet. It was just one of those GIFs that lived on the internet just waiting to be used in response to a tweet or sent in a text to a friend. Then, in an article published on Tuesday, Splinter News blew the whole thing wide open. The so-called nodding man meme has been making the rounds since at least Naturally, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the meme. Contact us at editors time. By Melissa Locker. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Please enter a valid email address.

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If you don't know what this means, then it probably doesn't affect you! I bet you would like to squeeze me, but I am not like that. How many pushups a day are you up to?????? Thanks Kaz Some people can't comprehend things. As far as him being a pimp Hey slimpy that means your a PIMPLE just in case you didn't understand that one and I sure would like to "squeeze" you until you popped. I will try to type more s I talked to Mr Baggett and he stated there was about 24 applicants.

He has narrowed it down to 3 or 4 to interview between now and thursday. Hope to see ya all there. As soon as the banquet is over gotta give my boys the props I will get back and let everybody know the decision. I hope Bagget is the man and that he picks the "man" whoooooooooooooooo.

I thought you would be curious if I was there! I've got people everywhere! Solve that riddle and you'll probably get a better sniff of First!!!! Still third place means your progress was definitely in the right direction. Weekend Rumors are likely to be unfounded, Champ. I wouldn't think Mr. B conducts interveiws in his spare time, would you?

I'm like smashmouth it's almost this should be a slam dunk baby! Ok i was planning on sending my son to Anderson County this year from what i understand. Lambert played high school football scott high school for jack diggs.

If YOU don't think jr can cut it keep him where he is now if you want your son to learn football,and life send him to ac you won't regret it whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Today is the last day to for applications. Let's hope Mr Baggett makes the right decision and let's hope he makes it fast. I would hope for a announcement by mid next week. Good Luck Coach Brew!!!! I hope he makes the right choice as well champ. I can't confirm my info and I hope and pray that it's wrong whooooooooooooo lets just get spring practice started baby.

Must say I have never heard of that train coming through this process, but I guess in this business you never know. I'm familiar with the name and the man, but I'm not ready to throw any of my coaching friends under the bus. Know them all I think I'll get into wrestling Ricky Flair got away with it! This has all kinda gotten out of whack in the rumor department. Somebody just let me know when it is all over! You'll know how to find me! The word is Jim Gaylor. This throws a mix in there, if it's true don't ya think??????

Any truth??????? Rumor was you was seen up here a couple weeks ago. I do think if the other coaches and players are behind brewster then thats who "the man" needs to be whooooooooooo. I'm stylin and profilin my friends I am the 17 time world heavyweight champ!!!! I am the nature boy ric flair whooooooooooo. Holy Resume Batman! A fist full of rings is deffinately an attention grabber. I havn't heard that name. I agree with Kaz though.

The fit has to be right. Got to get someone stay for a while and bring some long term stability to the program. Posting closes this Friday I have heard that Mr. Flair was offered the job. The money was right but Oneida couldn't afford to turn the press box into a penthouse so the two sides could not reach an agreement! Hey Kaz Still working out the bugs. I'll get it rolling right soon I hope!!!!! For some reason I had alot of green paint on it this week after the race.

I've been hearin the other name I don't know if it's the same other name but he's got the championship gold to back him up. I personally thought the headphone thing was a farce, but I also thought methusla and his sons did the best they could refin the game. God has truly blessed me because of you whoooooooooo keep on keepin on whooooooooooooooooooooo love ya whoooooooooooooo!! I've been in dumpsters and dined with kings I've ate steak and lobster and I've lived on pork and beans.

Man, it's fun to compare scalps. But listen to the Nature Boy. It all comes down to Friday night, steping on the field. It don't matter what you did last week or last month to some other team. It's what you can do on the next play against THIS team that counts. One more day, baby! Then Indianmania will be running thru the hills and hollars!!! I gotta go get some turkey. Best sports wisdom of all time Did I hear some words about giving thanks and figure four leglocks?

Could have been words from that long, blonde haired nature boy?!!! You see, I'm the stinger. And I'm a 15 foot great white shark. I'm gonna eat you up and spit you out!!! I like shark big daddy. I can't remember but the only reason you'd spit the nature boy out baby is 'cause you just can't handle the taste baby whoooooooooooo.

I'm thankful for that. First and most importantly from now on you are NO longer the Oneida Indians I am the 16 time world heavy weight champ baby whoooooooo. DIG IT! Search In. Posts posted by ricflair Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Page 3 of 6. Flair,Cleat,Smash and even Kaz Hey Flair save me a seat!!!!!!!

The only thing i cant figure out is they say the new coach only played 1 year of JV football and like 2 weeks of spring practice at cumberland college. I know you dont have to be a great player to coach but my question is how can he tell young boys to work hard in July heat when he didnt him self. Any way maybe it will work out. I know AC will miss Coach Larry Kerr and i wish him well he was a great coach wish he had stayed 4 more years i would of brought my son to AC.

What about ya'll? You have to try grilled swordfish! Shark it too chewy! Sign In Sign Up.

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